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Federal Interagency Sedimentation and Hydrologic Modeling Conference

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Workshop: Use of Bulletin 17C for Flow Frequency Analysis

Monday, 24 June 2019
13:00 - 17:00

Tuscany #11

Chair: Michael Bartles, USACE


Flood-frequency analysis of peak streamflow records provides the essential statistical interpretation of hydrologic data for estimating flood risk and for floodplain mapping.  This workshop provides an overview and refresher on flood-frequency analysis of peak streamflow data, as well as introducing methods adopted in the new federal guidelines, Bulletin 17C at  These new methods include a generalized method-of-moments estimator, the Expected Moments Algorithm (EMA), for dealing with zeros, low outliers and historical data. It also employs a generalized version of the Grubbs-Beck test (MGB) for the identification of potentially influential low floods (PILFs).  Participants will learn about methods implemented in Bulletin 17C, how to properly characterize flood peaks for inclusion in a Bulletin 17C analysis, and how to interpret Bulletin 17C flood frequency analyses.  Software with actual examples from Bulletin 17C will be used.



Michael Bartles, Hydraulic Engineer, Hydrologic Engineering Center, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


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