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Federal Interagency Sedimentation and Hydrologic Modeling Conference

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Workshop: Sediment Sourcing Workshop

Monday, 24 June 2019
08:00 - 12:00

Tuscany # 6

Chair: Allen C. Gellis and Lillian Gorman Sanisca, USGS


Sediment, whether in suspension in the water column, or as deposition on a stream or lake bed, is one of the most common causes of loss of stream-biologic integrity.  Sediment also reduces the capacity of our nation’s water-supply reservoirs.  An important strategy in managing sediment is to determine the dominant sources and transport pathways in any given watershed.  This half-day workshop will outline approaches and methods for determining sediment sources by using a sediment budget framework.  We will discuss how a sediment budget is accomplished by using available tools and resources, including recent advances in multi-temporal remote sensing (lidar, structure-from-motion (SfM)). In order to conduct a sediment budget study, the sources of sediment should be clearly defined. The sediment fingerprinting approach, which identifies specific sediment sources by  establishing a minimal set of physical and (or) chemical properties that uniquely characterize each source in the watershed, will be highlighted, and the steps necessary to conduct a sediment fingerprinting study will be outlined. The workshop will also instruct and demonstrate the use of the USGS Sediment Source Assessment Tool (Sed_SAT).  Sed_SAT is a program written in the statistical language R (R Core Team, 2016) and utilizes a Microsoft Access® interface that allows the user to step through all the necessary analytical steps to apportion sediment. Participants are encouraged to download the program at, and bring their laptops to the workshop.

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Allen C. Gellis, U.S. Geological Survey, MD-DE-DC WSC, Baltimore, MD

Lillian Gorman Sanisaca, U.S. Geological Survey, MD-DE-DC WSC, Baltimore, MD


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