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Federal Interagency Sedimentation and Hydrologic Modeling Conference

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Professional Development and Engineering Ethics: The Importance of Maintaining High Ethical Standards, Second Session

Wednesday, 26 June 2019
18:30 - 20:00

Tuscany #6

Chair: Jim Barton, Retd USACE

Description:  Engineers and scientists consistently face decisions that have ethical implications associated with them. The safety of the public and the integrity of the institutions that we present are our primary concerns; however personal gain or time pressures may periodically challenge our commitments. This session will provide a more detailed discussion of topics such as what is the difference between a Code of Conduct and a Code of Ethics, provide some examples of Codes of Ethics for public officials, and some rules of thumb to help guide your decision-making process when encountering ethically challenging situations. In addition, a refresher on basic engineering ethics topics that commonly occur will be presented and interesting scenarios on relevant topics will be discussed.

Presenter: Dr. Joe Manous, Director, Institute of Water Resources, USACE.


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